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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just 1 more month

I can't believe you, my sweet girl, are going to be 1 next month.  11 months old.  What in the world???

I can't believe we only have 1 more month until you are a year old!  Sorry-but no big, elaborate 1st birthday party for you! Although your dad is trying to convince me otherwise (oh-and he says it must be pink, princess-y and girlie)......He's soo funny at times ;)

You are wearing 12-18mth clothes for the most part.  You are a lot easier to dress these days, as you lift your arms  in assistance.  You have moved up a size in diapers, now in a 4. Still only have 4 teeth up top and the 2 bottom ones.  Still nursing 3 times a day.  We have had days where you have skipped the boobster 1 of those 3 meals.  You have successfully transferred from car to crib 3 times!!!!! You wake between the transfer but fall asleep once in your have no idea how happy this makes me!!!!!!

You took your first official steps on July 29, and have taken a few since.  You are walking all over the place as long as you are holding on to something.  You also prefer to "walk" these days, holding both of either your Dada's hands or mine.  You can stand alone for a few a short period of time too-even clapping for yourself while doing it!

You have "attacked" your brother twice.  I mean, full body attacks.  You were like a bull charging red.  It was hysterical! We didn't stop you though!!! Whenever brother is around, you immediately cover your head with both hands.  I guess you've come to learn that he's about unleash on you.  But you love him more than ever these days!

You are signing "more" pretty consistently.  You occasionally give us a thank you.  You also sign "food."  I point to my eye saying I Love You and you immediately point to your eye or mine.  You no longer want your sippy
cup-you only want Brothers.  You have figured out that yours always has agua in it and his always has something tasty.

Speaking of agua-that was, what I consider to be, your first word.  You have said bye, hi, mama, dada, but I don't really count those.  However, whenever you are thirsty you say, "Aba," which i interpret as agua.  You also say this whenever you see me get a sippy cup out of the cabinet.  Neh-neh is another word you caught onto rather quickly....imagine that ;)

You try and imitate all sounds that we make to you.  You are observing  a lot more too.  Its amazing how much you've grown in terms of communication/comprehension in just the last month.

You have this new "game" you enjoy.  You throw your bb (little blanket) out of your crib, then lean over crying for it.  You WILL NOT stop crying until you have it.  Repeat.  NOT fun.  You have days where you play in your crib forever before we have to come rescue you and other days were you are standing/crying before you even open your eyes.

Your little personality has taken off this month and we are all loving the development of it.  You are your own child, thats for sure!  You are as stubborn as they come, cute as a button, hungry as a pig, and as perfect as a Blessing.

We love the new dimension you add to our family.  Regardless of my words, truly we do :)!!!

We love you to the moon and back, our sweet, sweet, sweet girl!!!!

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